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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bye bye Blueberry pie...

Our last weekend in Maine.... amazing, how after three weeks a place can start to feel like home!! Cheryl worked and said goodbye to the colorful birds and flying squirrels, as well as the great team of terps in the Portland center. Our good friends the Funks (remember Newport?) came up and camped the weekend with us, and made it the ultimate way to wrap up our time in the Pine Tree/lighthouse/lobstah state!

The kids had a blast boating, playing games, campsite baseball, biking and "tenting it". This is Val and their youngest, Josiah. Big Jo-Jo and Little Jo-Jo were fast friends!!

The weekend started to cool off and feel like fall, but we were still able to enjoy many hours on the spring fed lake at our campground, Wassamki Springs.

We scoped out one of the Maine lighthouses (do you know the state has 60 of them?) and got to play some Farmer's Bingo back at camp. The cow did not poop in our square, but the kids enjoyed the mahem created when the little guy decided to escape and run through the camp ground!

Thank you Funks for a great weekend, and for our many years of friendship. Here's to many more!!

thanks Maine for a great stay! (moo)

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