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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lake of Shining Waters

Check this out!! We are hearing that a storm is coming in... every one on the island is saying that Hurricane Danny is nothing more than a tropical storm, and not to worry. When Josiah and I got up this morning we certainly felt assured that all is well! We found a nice secluded spot to catch the sunrise.
We then decided to go on a little hike... back through the National Park at Cavendish. Greg had left his phone in the car so I decided it was the Lords gift for Lissa, so I could go get pictures of the "Lake of Shining Waters". It is actually called MacNeil's pond, and is on the property where Lucy Maud Montgomery grew up.

Josiah didn't really like the bridge, which floated right on the pond. He thought there were crocodiles in there and went across as fast as he could!! We then enjoyed mre views of the water...
Josiah has fallen in love with little "puffs"... here his is gathering up a family of them. (they are weeds, but don't tell him that!!)
While we were out at the dunes, a blue heron flew across our path and skirted down in the creek below us. Greg's phone didn't have a zoom, but if you look close you can see it.

And then to top off our morning, we get back to the parking lot and Josiah goes "MOM!! LOOK!" and I turn around to find this red fox coming up to say hi. Apparently these guys are quite common on the island and not too shy, either.
See ya later folks!! We're off to the other side of the island to visit some seals and ride out this little "tropical storm." Hope we survive! (ha, ha)


Polly said...

Hello Kaler Family,

The Godwin family really enjoyed the short time we had to spend together at the Sun & Shade campground. Please keep in touch and hopefully we can "get together" again once we are all back in the US.

I hope you had safe travels today.

Polly, Brian, Zachary,Carson & (Bella) Godwin

Anonymous said...