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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Freeport, ME

Oh, silly Kalers. We drove back to the States in one shot and you know what we did? We got lost. Just a little. But it was enough to make us extra releived to be back home!! Home... Where we understand the gas prices and groceries are affordable, and good ol' Gladys can guide us anywhere we want to go. We were so relieved we had to stop and get some Sweet Tea!

After a relaxing and affordable night at Walmart, we headed on to Freeport for our back to school shopping. That consisted of getting a good set of hiking/biking shoes for the kids...(thank you Gran) At the famous LL Bean store. They are a big deal here in Maine, they put a lot of funds to outdoor recreation and support the Acadia National Park. They also have wild animal displays in the store.... below is "the final charge" of two native moose, who were found as carcasses head locked. Apparently if moose headlock in a charge, they'll die that way. These guys were carefully stuffed back up for the display.We never did see any live moose while we were here in Maine, but as we are headed into our last weekend here, we are thinking this is good enough!


Virginia said...

Hi! We will be in Toronto from Sept. 26th- Oct.3, then heading towards Niagra Falls/ Buffalo, NY area. Do you know where you will be staying yet? We we thinking about going to Cedar Beach Trailer Park. It would be nice to meet up with another family on the road :)

Virginia said...
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Anonymous said...

i love mooses....i used to see lots while living in alaska..just walking down the street..and during trak practice in the woods.tina