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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Erie Canal

JJ, what do you want it to say? We could put... hahaha... hehehe... hohohoho... (Dadddy, get serious kids). Stop laughing and get. JJ... we went to Lockport today with the Godwins. (Shayna) Hey JJ... Stop... (JJ) we got to go to the locks and see the water rising. It was cool. (shayna) this is so coool. (JJ) we got to see a better view than the tour boat that we were following. (JO) and it was free! (shayna) gigggle. hey it's my turn. Jo.. no its my turn. giggle, giggle. sk Hi alexis. (JJ)Alexis is spelled with a Captial A Dad. Dad... I know JJ this is what we call a "rough Draft".

Grunting (from Dad) blog not cooperating.

(JJ)I think I know what we can do. This is where we started Jo Blah blah blah. giggle giggle. sk Hey JJ how come you get to talk all the time. JJ cause i'm the only one talking. sk thats because we are too busy giggling.

Jo. this is a classic blog. sk OK.... ok.... Hey mommy. Do you like our blog. jo I love you mommy.

jj this is where we started. We followed the boat on a trail to the locks. sk My turn now... JJ i dont' think there is turns sk we got to see the tour boat... um... going on the new fashioned locks. They had big doors that... JJ did you know that ther water rises 48 feet Jo when did you learn that? JJ: We learned it while we were walking. there is a 48 foot rise from where the boats enter the locks to were they leave the locks.

JO. Can we move on to the next picture. PLEASE! SK Josiah didn't say please. Exclamation point.

SK HUMPH> In this picture we are going to descibe the locks JJ (cutting shayna off) this is the high side of the locks. (Post facto clarification from daddy... this is actually the low side of the locks) Daddy. Lets let Shayna talk. sk. When the boat would come up to the locks... they would signal the lock person and the lock person would push the button that makes all the water go from UP to... makes alll the water go.... makes all the water.... well it makes the boat rise when it goes towards the big bridge. JO unintelligeble whispering to JJ. sk giggle. JO why are you guys laughing? sk explains to JO. all Giggle giggle giggle.

This is the low lock where they are going up. The water is real high on the other side. sk they raise the boat and open the doors and the boat goes through. jj they make the water rise sk no, no. they just fill one side up.. Jo. NO No. sometimes the water goes a little too far down. we practically got the tour with out paying. JJ actually maybe that is the high lock exept that they had already lowered it.
Daddy Clarification... In this picture the boat has pulled in and the water level is rising.

JO. remember to put giggles for me. sk Now that is the high one. JO. How do you know that? sk because it is going that way and I remembered it. JJ can I see the picture so I can remember what the picture is. JJ OHHH. JJ: They are just opening the doors and you can now see that the water is level JO UHrgome. I'm cold. Time to get more ljaoisafdh. sk/jj giggle, giggle. JO What?? What?? More giggles.
sk. You're a good blog artist. JJ/JO Yeah! JJ sorry mom. We said we'd do a good job on the blog but this is what we came up with. Jo Mom is going to be craxking up when she love this. JJ/sk What's Craxking.

Jo. OHHHH> That's the museum. sk thats the museum when the water is rushing out. JJ what is that yellow thing. Jo I signed up on the guest book in there. in the ..... eee uhh... i'm thinking.... sk: in the museum. jo yeah thats it. sk the yellow thing is the pole because we are on the bridgy thing that goes over the water to the museum.

sk. ohhh. That's the old fashioned locks. JJ. How do you know thats the old fashioned locks. SK Because we read a sign that said so. JJ oh. JO Whats' the date. JJ I don't know. Dad: its the (checking his phone) 23rd. Jo. Can you do faces on here? sk I don't think so that's only on email. Sk Isn't it the 22nd. JJ how should you know. Daddy (reaching for the phone again) it's really the 22nd. sk Yeah. I was right. Jo. what's the date. JJ/SK it's the 22nd.

Ohh. The big bridge JO. I think it's the 23rd. JJ its the widest bridge in america. JO and canada. If you were driving over it you wouldn't even know you were on a bridge. SK how do you know its the widest in canada too? A bunch of talke between kids that dad didn't get....
JJ the bridges would have to come afterword. sk there wasn't very many though. JO was the upside down bridge there? jj I know nothing about the upside down bridge. sk why didn't you mention my book. daddy. What, hunh? kids giggles hohoho. Jo: make that in BIG BOLD LETTERS. SK. Arent you going to fix all the mistakes after we go to bed?
Jo. Did yo uknow that your armpits are the warmest part of your body. sk is that a fact or a theory? JJ lets get back to the subject. jo. awww this is classic blog. sk you've already said that twice. it's not really worth putting on the blog. JJ hey what is going on (covered by the blanket that jo is putting on him.
SK This picture is Daddy and JJ waving form one of the widest bridges in world. Jo hey, where was I? JJ you were with mom and shayna. (upon further examination, Jo is actually there, he just looks like a pole.)
JO: That's the upsided down bridge. Sk This is a view of the upside down bridge from one of the locks. Daddy. get off JJ jo. giggles giggles.

JO. Is that the rapids. sk Hey that is the museum and Josiah is the canal driver. you are not the canal driver actually, you are... Jo: Iam too. sk: you are leading the horse ... the mule... um.. that is attached ot the boat in the water. it pulls it. Jo can we turn the air off now. sk but daddy was hot. Daddy. Go ahead andturn it off. a race for the control ensues.

This is shayna who would like everybody to know that we ate brownies tonight. Yummy good ones. JO. they are called dark chocolate ways of delight.

JJ. In the museum there was a play stoplight on the floor that you could open up and look inside. JO. It looked like a trash can inside since there was a hole on top. unless all stop lights have that. JJ all stop lights have lights in them but not this one. Jo. I wonder how they actually did that. I wonder how they control it.
Daddy (typing) OK kids, bed time. Love you. Go crawl in bed. Kids covering heads with blankets and saying "I didn't see that"
Daddy: Love you all. Night night.
Daddy. Josiah, go to bed! Thank you! Love you. Rest in the Lord. Go jo. JO Type NO on there... as he walks to bed.


Cheryl said...

Hmmmm, very funny kids!! Good laugh while I was at work... perhaps we'll put editing on our homeschool agenda, eh?

nitey nite.... mom

Anonymous said...

I must agree it's a classic blog!


Anonymous said...

i cant believe you seriously typed all that..HOLY COW!!..did it take you all night?