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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summerside, PEI

We left Seal Cove and headed toward the Confederation Bridge. After the storm, our greatest comfort was in driving west! We did feel like we should stop and rest a bit, maybe catch a little calm after the storm.... So we rolled in to a little RV park that said they were having music that night. We'd heard about the music tradition of the island.... they have "kitchen parties" where people get up and play, and everybody's cousin plays something and someone's cousin does the River Dance. But we hadn't experienced it yet, so we decided to check it out. We are so glad we did!!

It was gospel night and low and behold, we were right on time. But before that amazing thing, Cheryl popped into the office and happened to meet two Deaf gentlemen. One was from Boston and knows my classmate Jim, the other was from California and knew by buddies from elementary school. We relished in the "small Deaf world" had a great time comparing terror notes from the storm (they were heading west now too...)
Then the Kalers hopped over and got in on some bluegrass Gospel. After an hour of that, the cousins started coming up... apparently there are some musicians on tour and some of them own this RV camp and all of their friends stay here. These are full-timers with a purpose. They had keyboard, guitars, harmonica, banjo and a whole lot of singing!! At one point somebody's cousin came up and started in on the fiddle. It was a toe-tapping, knee slapping, foot stomping good time!! By the way Mom- we are thinking we might want to bring you up here after graduation? (No tornadoes in May) You would love this.....

We then settled in for some rest and decided to stay and enjoy this island without the wind. We really can't get enough of the red sand. We headed over to Summerside, collected more shells, bought some local veggies, and then had another little miracle come our way!!

This miracle is called the Godwins.... they are from North Carolina and guess what. They are taking the year off and traveling, with their two kids and thier dog!! We knew we couldn't be the only people in the world who thought of doing this, here's our proof!!

The kids had a great time playing games, biking and hanging out. We enjoyed our new friendship and of course, that cute little dog!!

It was truly a peaceful time of rest, certainly more than making up for the Danny trauma. Having connections with people are blessings along this journey that we are learning to appreciate more and more. And of course, we need regular reminders that God is in control. "In all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28.....
If that's too heavy for ya, I'll leave you with one of the jokes from our music/comedy night. You have to imagine it with a little Irish twill in the voice....
There was a lass who grew up on the island and then went away to college. She was working to become a gymnast, you see. Well when she returned to the island she went back to her parish church and met up with her old priest. She wanted to tell him about all she was learning. Confused, he says "huh? gymnast? I don't understand! see back in my day we never had any gymnasts. Why, we never even heard-o such a thing!"
A little frusterated, she tried to explain. "No really, its this new thing. You learn gymnastics, and you can be on a team, and you get to do lots of flips and its really fun!!
The priest still didn't understand. "Gymmmastics? I don't see it..."
So the girl decided to show him. Up and down the church aisle, doing her flips and cartwheels...
Meanwhile, two faithful old parishoners were coming up the hill for confession. They peeked in the church and saw the young lass doing her flips.
"Ay!! Look what the old bloke is giving out for penance today!! And me, without me bloomers!!"

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