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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vert Mont

Motto: Freedom and Unity
Capital: Montpelier
Bird: Hermit thrush
Flower: Red Clover
Tree: Sugar Maple

This is the Connecticut river, which is the border between Vermont and New Hampshire. We were too cheap at this point to go out of the way and see the longest covered bridge in America, which crosses this river a little north of here. Not sure Winnie would have fit anyway....But we did stop and check out the local wares... especially the maple syrup. $66 for a gallon!! (we got honey instead.....)

Here's the kids research:
French explorer Samuel de Champlain named Vermont using French words "Vert" meaning Green and "mont" meaning mountain. It is the "Green Mountain" state, with the motto Freedom and Unity. The capital is Montpelier. At one time New York and New Hampshire both wanted the land for thier own state, but it wanted its own independence and became the 14th state to join the union.

We stopped at the Hogback Mountain Gift shop on the Molly Stark (remember John stark's quote from New Hampshire? She woulda been his widow) Byway and got some Vermont Ice Cream. The mountains really are green!!

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