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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bend, Oregon

It all happened while we were at the Colorado Rockies game in Denver. Poor Sport was out in the hot sun, and while we were enjoying mile high baseball he was working up a little sweat and thinking "what do they think I am, invincible?"

So after they scored 19 runs and we got another hat for our collection, we joined up with Sport to show him downtown Denver. He wasn't really interested, however. His patience with the heat had been stretched to the limit... first it was no cold air in the AC (the perfect way to get our attention) and then the pressure started building under the hood. We stopped right away and helped him calm down, gave him a special ride to the Happy Sport store, and ended up with one more night in Denver.

Good ol' Sport couldn't have picked a better place to lose his temper. We have friends in town that let us stay at their place (thanks Bill and Kathy!) and Denver is a really cute little town. It gets my pick as the best downtown! Shortly after noon on Thursday Sport was ready to go and we hit the trail again, heading for Oregon. We made one little stop chasing down another Chick-fil-A (we learned how to scope them out in the malls! Thank God Virginia had those free standing ones or I might've never knew they existed! ) AND we got to do a little shoe shopping. School will be starting soon, huh??

We drove through Wyoming and Utah, through the night and made it to Bend, Oregon, where we are visiting Greg's mom and feeling the relief of being back home. We ran into some old college freinds of ours here that we hadn't seen for 7 years... they happened to be visiting their mom in town and shopping at Children's Place the same time we were.... I love it when the Lord gives us little gifts like that. We'll be heading over the mountains to a family reunion today and time with our dearest friends the Christensens... last stop until we make the journey back up to Seattle. Has it really been 8 weeks? Were we really in New York?

What a ride. -C

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Family of Five said...

Yay! You're in the home-land now! Have a blast unwinding with family and friends, and Godspeed and safety on the last little leg of your trip. You're in the home-stretch! Was such a blast to see you guys...wow, I know...so long ago already??? Blessings, friends!
Caversons :)