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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Bye bye Gally

Our time out here has been sooooooo incredible, we had to have ceremonious goodbyes throughout the whole campus. First, Mommy says goodbye to Fowler Hall where she spent all her time in class.

Next, the Bison right outside the gym... where we swam a lot and the boys did kids camp. Everything on campus was in reference to the bison. Mommy even got Bison earrings. We loved having the huge pool and diving board as a part of our home!!

We couldn't forget the Big G! Josiah noticed this G all around campus, on the computer screens, on the signs, on the stationary. When he found this big one on the floor in the student center, he insisted we walk by it every chance we could. We had to make a special trip to say goodbye!

Bye bye, famous Gally statue!!

And away we go!!

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