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Monday, August 6, 2007

Thars mountains up yonder!

Holy cow, Hallelujah, Glory to the King, thank God almighty!! It's 60 degrees outside! And we see mountains!!

There is something about coming home, leaving the heat, new tires on the van... free bonus hours added to our day... it all adds up to making serious headway on our trip back. Last night we stayed in a part of Kansas City called "Independence"- a starting point for many who traveled the Oregon Trail. We gloriously got our first complaint from Sport (that's the van) in that he needed new tires, but he was so sweet to wait until we pulled into the hotel parking lot to make his point. So we gave him four really good ones and he was so happy he took us all the way to Colorado!!

Now we are hanging out in Colorado Springs for a couple days. We blazed through an incredible desert lightning storm to get here, but the fresh air and chasing the sunset brought us here in record time. We are staying at our friends' Wade and Dara's... ready for some more fun coming soon!! Thank you Lord!

Huzzah!! -C

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