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Friday, August 3, 2007

birds, birds and flying home!

Check out our baby bird friend at Gallaudet!!

There was a little family and we went out to visit them often, and got to see the mother bird feeding her three babies. Shayna and JJ went out on her own and came back with these pics. my little photographer!!

Later our friend Wendy taught Shayna how to make origami birds.

(she learns quick!)

My kids and birds have a lot in common.
And now we are packing up to fly home!!!
Will we make it back in one piece? Can we have as much fun on the way back as we did on the way out? Will our good ol sport van make it? Will we become western frontiersmen?
These questions and more... we'll find out soon. We leave tomorrow morning (saturday).
Bye bye Gally! WE LOVE YOU!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow what a trip! We love you guys so much and are so glad you made it easy to stay close to you as you went so far away. Thanks for taking the time to keep us posted on your adventures! Hope to see you soon! -Future fellow Washingtonians