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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Colorado Springs

Well hello, Colorado!! Here we are in Colorado Springs and spending a few days with friends.

Guess we’ll be staying here a little while more. But before I get to that story, check out some of the cool spots in Colorado Springs!

We went to go visit the “Focus on the Family” headquarters, and made our very own “Adventures in Odyssey” CD. We’ve been hooked on those tapes from day 1 (thanks to Paul and family! Lifesavers!!) And when we found out the headquarters were here in town, we had to check it out! Shayna and JJ got to read parts and Josiah did the sound effects. Now we'll have even more fun stuff to listen to (if we ever get the van back.) This is a pic with Caleb and Anna, who graciously shared thier house!!

We also got to check out the Olympic Traning Center. My brother Ron used to train for the olympics and was on the national team for rowing, so it was cool to see this and think of him!!

We also went out to visit the Garden of the Gods. Very amazing!! Now, the van is ready so I'll have to hold that story for later. We're heading off to Oregon!! (we hope!!)

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