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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Welcome Home!!

Yes, we have arrived!! We rolled into Seattle last night and passed Safeco field as the M's beat TC with a walk off homerun by Richie... oh! you might not care about that... (but it was a nice welcome)

We made it through 24 states, 11 baseball fields, 12 college credits and 8,952 miles across country and back! For those of you who wonder if accomplishing this with three young children isn't cause for insanity, we have composed our very own top ten travel tips:

1. Be ready for the experience. -JJ
2. Get new tires and make sure your AC works. -Shayna
3. Don't forget the stop itch cream. -mom
4. Entertainment (things to keep you not bored) (like gameboys) -JJ
5. Collect souveniers such as pencils, keychains, stuffed animals and postcards. -all 3
6. Stop and see lots of places! -Josiah
7. Have things the whole family can listen to together. -Shayna
8. Always stop and see your friends. -mom
9. Do it in the Spring! -dad
10. Go for it! Have Fun!! -the whole family

And as I asked the family if they want to fly or drive next year, the votes were 4 to drive and one to fly (you guess who.) And what do you think? The kids want to know! "for you guys out there who check our blog, you get to vote too!" (Leave it on the comments)

Thanks all!! Happy trails!!


Family of Five said...

If it were us having to travel, we'd definitely fly!! But, if we were you, we'd definitely drive so you could stop and visit us again!!! Ha ha!! Now how is that for a vote???? GRIN!!

Family of Five said...

And as far as the family votes on the trip...I'd say Greg is the one who wants to fly. ;) Had enough of the car break downs, etc. But, I could be wrong! Maybe it's Cheryl with those kinks in her back...hmmm....... ;)

Family of Five said...

And, by the way, "family of five" means HEATHER! :)

Laura said...

First of all, WELCOME HOME!!! It's wonderful to know that you're back safe and sound and that Sport felt his message was heard so he was willing to bring you the rest of the way home. :-)

Second of all. I think I'd do it if I could travel with you guys... Ya'll made it seem so much fun!! Of course, then there's taking a train that may be fun, too... I've always thought that sounded like fun. So how many summers does this degree entail, Cheryl? You could experiment with various forms of transportation each year...

I hope we can hook up sometime...We'd love to see you guys again!!
Laura & Patty