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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Chic-fil-A trail

Have any of you guys ever eaten at Chic-fil-A? We had one in the mall where I grew up, and it was my absolute favorite place to eat. Ever since I moved to Oregon and Washington, I've had no Chic-fil-A. I almost forgot about it.

Then remember when we went to Williamsburg? I saw a sign on the freeway for one and we chased it down. But is was Sunday, and they honor the Lord by closing all their restaurants on Sunday. So we came upon an empty lot and I almost cried with disappointment.

Now, there is the background. Imagine today we are driving through Virginia, on these historical roads that apparently Washington marched his armies on (improved since then, of course.) We stop for a budget conscious meal at a rest stop. It is hot. And humid. And we are terrified of mosquitos. We are trying to enjoy ourselves but the longer we sit, the more gnats come and bonk us in the head.

Lissie and Nikki actually fared the best of all of us. The gnats didn't seem to bother them.

Nor the heat.

So we decide to move on... no camping for us... and when mommy is throwing away her lovely salad, she notices something in the garbage.


So forget about Washington, who cares about Lewis and Clark. We are on a major Chic-fil-A trail and I won't stop until we find one. I knew the garbage was a huge clue, there had to be one close!!

Enough of the drama, we did find one at the very next stop and it was.... heaven! They have southern fried nuggets and everything comes with cole slaw and I even went all the way and ordered SWEET TEA.

Finally, my moments in Virginia are complete. We are released to go. We were so satisfied we drove all the way through West Virginia and made our own rest stop in a tractor lot somewhere in Illinois.

Haven't seen a Chic-fil-A since. Just KFC's. (It's not the same....)

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