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Friday, June 12, 2009

Camp Casey

One more adventure....

So Thursday Mom, JJ and Sergei are all scheduled to go to the third grade "graduation" camp at Camp Casey on Whidbey Island. But you know what? Those boys are jammin' in baseball and they keep moving on in the playoffs. They had a game Thursday night. So what to do, what to do? It really was never a question in the boys mind. It is baseball or bust for those guys... Camp Casey could wait!

The game was close and they won, and as the group of bleacher parents all exhaled (who knew you could hold your breath for an hour and a half??) Cheryl went running off (literally) with the boys to catch the ferry.

We got stuck in line and decided to celebrate the win with some ice cream.

I think it was the biggest icecream cones I've ever seen. It went right up to Sergei's nose!Enjoying the ferry.... the ice cream had us all so full, we didn't even care about the smores at the campfire anymore. It was a good thing, since when we got there they were just coming inside to do skits. They arrived with great news "WE WON!" and jumped right into the excitement. Didn't miss a beat.

The next morning, the boys were up at like 5:am (huh? aren't we tired?) and off to explore the fort. Here are some pics of our hike.

Later we went in separate groups to the sea-lab, where we got to learn about native Puget Sound sea life. (See the photographer? We might get in the newspaper. But just think, you saw it here first!)The crab wanted to give my hat a little more good luck!!

Oh, we did have free time, which meant of course...

Sergei and JJ play more baseball, and mom gets to chase after some birds.Overall it was a blast of a camp out, and I am very proud of the our graduating boys. Now we are off to more baseball, semi-finals!!!!

Happy Graduation JJ!!


Rhonda C. said...

I'll miss u my friend!! I love looking at ur blog and finding out what you all are up to!!
Keep it up!!!

Sabbatical, Part 1 said...

Thanks Rhonda!! I miss you too!! Between this and our good Lord we'll stay in touch, OK??!! HUGS -C