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Monday, June 22, 2009

North Dakota

Day 4: We got an early start and cruised around the back side of Glacier National park. Right about when Gladys said "Drive straight, 388 miles" is when Greg decided it was my turn to handle the rig.

I did just fine!! (Thanks for your concern....)

Check out the wind!!

We finally hit a town in time to get some gas, and then headed on out to Lewis and Clark State park. The Jacobs had good and lost us by then. It took us awhile, you know, traffic and all....
The park sits right on Lake Sakakawea and looks out over the badlands. (What are the badlands? I still don't know. I was much too into watching the birds scale reeds in the wind to go find out. Shari? anyone??!!)
The next morning Toby took me out for a little sunrise hike. Toby is cool like that. Willing to unhook and take us where we want to go......
Next stop, Rolla. Thanks for checking in!!

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