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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lake Superior

Day..???...(its becoming a blur...)

One of the ways I learn about my environment is checking out all the birds. I knew we were back to a large body of water when all we saw were seagulls. But I thought they were just around salt water? Goes to show my west coast beachy ways. We are camping for the night in Duluth, Minnesota, right on the edge of Lake Superior. It was super foggy pulling in and strange to be in a city (its the first "big" city we've hit across the northern parts!!)

We didn't hang out for long, except for a hike around the lake to get our legs moving. The mosquitos around these parts are not very welcoming if you arrive at night. One night back at Lake Sakakawea in ND, Greg accidentally left the driver window down and the mosquitos came in and had a full on party, toasting on my kids all night long. Their legs look more like gourds now. And we keep our windows up!

Lake Superior is the largest fresh water lake in the world. It took us eight hours to drive along the southern edge!! The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is BEAUTIFUL. We stopped for lunch here to "touch Lake Superior"

And away we go!!! Our next stop is on Lake Michigan to catch up with some friends, and we might try to get more than our just our toes wet. See you there!!

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