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Monday, June 29, 2009


Here we are!! When we drove onto campus Sunday night, Greg and I both sighed one huge sigh of relief... I guess we didn't quite realize that we were partly holding our breath the whole way across the country, hoping nothing would break down.....
Well we made it, with dear friends welcoming us outside Carlin Hall and the security dept very friendly helping us figure out where to park Winnie. We are all now living in the dorm, Cheryl's classes started today (monday) and the kids have already taken Alexis all around the city... They came back with FBI gear and I think they are itching to blog.
(Peekaboo... Winnie out there waiting for our next weekend adventure.....)

And the rest of us, running off to the pool. Gotta break up the time in the books somehow!! Love you all!! Cheryl signing off to go read!!!

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