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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Alright friends, we are blazing through this country now so we are going to blaze through this blog. We left Rolla with 7 hours of driving ahead of us....

Only to be way-layed by another detour in Devils Lake, where Greg saw a sign for the North Dakota school for the deaf. Of course we had to stop!The Supt gave us the "50 cent tour" and the boys got out and played some football. ND school for the Deaf has 22 students, pre-K thru 12th grade. There are four other mainstream programs in ND that they provide outreach services to. They also share their (very nice) pool with the community to help them stay afloat. We were espcially excited to be here as we learned that Estie taught here for 11 years.

Next stop was Pizza Hut buffet bar, praise the Lord!!! Then we settled in for some road hours... where we hit Minnesota....

Camped in Duluth, then woke up to hit Wisconsin right away.. (ok, we all slept and really Greg and RJ hit it....)
And before too long it was Michigan. The highlight of this trip for us was our travel school lesson in dipping our toes in three of the great lakes, which I will blog next. Until then,
Thanks to our super drivers!!

P.S. Shayna really reallly like ND and asked if I could do my internship here. Daddy then explained that in January that pretty lake we kayaked in is six feet of solid ice, and its about 20 degrees below zero. The Deaf School has electric plug ins in the parking lot to warm your car so it doesn't freeze. So...... don't think so........ !!!!

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Anonymous said...

My niece lives in ND and my sister lives in SD and I've been there in the winter. The plugs are a real neccessity!!! Debbie H.