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Monday, August 31, 2009

Green Gables

Lucy Maud Montgomery has brought a lot of visitors to this island, due to her series Anne of Green Gables. She has been honored as a "person of national significance" and the land of Green Gables and surrounding areas have been preserved as part of the Canadian National Parks.

This is a recreation of the Green Gables home. And just to check- you do know that the character of Anne (with an E) is fictional, right? But the scenery and farms that inspired the writing and the back drop of most of Montgomery's writings are real. Montgomery herself was an orphan and went to live with her Maternal grandparents the MacNeils... it is across the "haunted woods" from the home of her cousins, at Green Gables.

The home is rebuilt on Green Gables to model the farm houses of the day, and it was very easy to use or imagination seeing Anne saying her first prayer, or hiding in her upstairs room with her green hair.

Down the hill from the house is the path that lead to Lucy Maud Montgomery's home, through the "haunted forest. "

Here we are listening to the "ghosts" drinking our very tasty rasberry cordial.

Of course, we found friends on the trail.

This is a "cumuerant"(sp?), a common bird/duck up here, and we met one very personally on another trail but I will let the kids blog about "Plumber".

This is the view from Lucy Maud's house at her grandparents. Nice trees on the land and if you look closely you might find Little James.

We never did get too scared in the woods, until Shayna snuck ahead and jumped out at us from behind the bushes. She got us good, Tina you would have been proud!! I hope you have enjoyed our little tour of Green Gables... I have one more blog to bless all you Anne fans, hang on!!! Hugs...


Alexis said...

Nice going shayna!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

thata girl....(:

love the scenery..its amazing! i miss the green, ready for rain and green grass again...hugs

Anonymous said...

its tina,,i could not remember my password so i wrote as anonymous...its just me.