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Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th at the Capitol

Hello!! Here we are at the Nation's Capitol for the 4th of July parade. Come along!!!

Did you know which birthday this is?? 2008 minus 1776....
We sat right across from the National Archives building. It was not too hot and we had a nice breeze going (notice the flag)

All our friends are ready to go.... it's very important to have friends along, you know. This is Coco's second time at the capitol's parade.
Shayna also has her entertainment... She's making patriotic origami. She learned how to make the water wheel from Wendy and the origami conference in New York, then she figured out how to make the sailboat on her own.OK! Let the Parade begin!! There's a little bit of everything.... and a real spirit of pride, history, and respect for diversity. They honor Veterans...

(a live monument!) Our Founders..... (JJ's favorite)... plus Uncle Sam?! (Who is that guy anyway?)
Of course there's lots of balloons (Josiah's favorite, "except for the Hello Kitty one")
A few other countries also celebrate Independence with us.
Highschools come from all over the nation... big brass bands, string bands, dancing bands... Mississippi was our favorite, for dancing AND playing at the same time. The farthest west states represented were Colorado and New Mexico.

Then there's just random stuff, like group bicyclists. and tricksters.

and dairy farmers.

By the end of the parade, we were hot and it was getting humid.... (notice the flag again. that's what flags look like in DC, when you start wishing for rain...) So we took off to see the Art Museum in the AC. Later we went to the fireworks, we're gonna try to upload the video later.... meanwhile, Happy 4th! HUGS!!

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