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Monday, July 7, 2008

Quick Update

Hello friends and fam!!

Just a quick update on the Kalers. Cheryl's into second week of studies and so far, so good. It seems a bit more manageable this summer, knowing more what to expect from grad school. Still a lot of reading though!!

We're having good weather... 70's-80's... every now and again it gets humid but then its not long before it rains. We've had a couple good soakings lately, 4th of July being one of 'em.

This week Greg and the boys are off to Cal Ripken's baseball camp... apparently Cal hung out all day at the camp, helping kids out and being a great role model. (He got nominated to the Hall of Fame last year, if ya didn't know.) JJ also is in heaven, getting to play baseball all day, plus he got selected as the "player of the day" by his coach. Well I shant ruin a future blog by the boys, but mommy is hogging the laptop....

Shayna is joining me in classes, keeping up on all HER reading and learning more origami. She really does promise to blog soon, she has been practicing her typing!!

Our next whole family adventure is this weekend, to Chincoteague. If you'd like to keep up with us, read up!! Hugs!


tina said...

Okay!!!! we gottta brag! Khalob is going to the 1st round of the state baseball tournament!!! Can you believe it? oh my gosh i could pee!!! The first game is on monday night in Eugene. They played in a tourney inportland last weekend and went to the championship game. and took 2nd. It was so fun and exciting!!! okay gotta go to bed, but had to share that with you! hugs tina

Kalers said...

That is AWESOME!! Keep us updated!! Is it elimination or round robin? Give him hugs for us...

Anonymous said...

Kalers~ Love your photos!
What a great photo of the kids on the beach. Noah likes seeing all your baseball pics. Say 'Hi' to the kids from Noah and Noelle. What great fun! Take care and thanks for sharing. ~Becker's