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Saturday, July 5, 2008


After a nap in the dorms and a few of those rain showers we were wishing for, Shayna and I decided to brave it and go check out the fireworks. We walked and walked and walked to the Washington Monument, where lots of people were gathering.

We were plumb soaked by the time we got there... But check out these fireworks! As Shayna said "THEY WERE AWESOME!!" (notice the rain drop on the lens!)

This is our Gally gang after the show. We hiked back to the Metro and then hiked back to Gallaudet. I was concerned it was sheer torture for my daughter, but well, here is her account:

"it was okay.... although I was wishing I was sleep walking so I wouldn't feel the tiredness in my legs. I nearly fell asleep while we were waiting for the Metro. When we got back, Mom and I wanted to soak our feet in hot water, but we didn't have any hot water tubs, so we unfolded the bench in our shower and showered our feet. It felt good! It was definately worth it to see the fireworks, although they were very loud! (65 times louder than the movie clip). The bangs from the fireworks exploding came after the fireworks, since light travels faster than sound. So there was silent fireworks and then BANG!! I want to see the fireworks again, up close, next year, and take a video of all of it!"


Ivee said...

o my gosh, shayna i miss you SOOO much! i will now e-mail you right now
bye bye,
miya aka ivyy

Ivee said...

woops, i spelled ivee wrong.