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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Why I love America

Lots of people like to put down America by its imperfect leaders, screwed up policies, or whatever.... and most of the time we're right, but amen to democracy and... at least we try. I love America because we have and will always be a nation of ideals... and how we continually strive to make reality more like those ideals is a collective task.

Last weekend on the way to the capitol, we happened upon a monument that reminded me again of why I love America. Stay with me here... I'm in no way proud that we had to make the memorial to begin with, and I can't imagine what families have suffered as a result of this stroke in history. But here it is:

It's a Monument for Japenese Americans that were put in concentration camps during World War II, and for those that served our country, even in spite of the discrimination they faced. There are quotes honoring the bravery, humility and dedication of the Japenese American people... and there are quotes from our government, apologizing.

Shayna recognized one of the camps names from a book she has read, Thin Wood Walls. She now saw it in context, with all the other camps. That was a poignant moment, having my daughter tell me about Tule Lake from her reading... and making the connection that this was very likely the same camp that Tiff's grandparents were at. When I was little, WWII seemed so long ago...

By the way, it was Reagan who made the official apology with the Civil Liberties Act of 1988. For a full list of all the Monuments engravings, go to http://www.javoice.com/inscription.html

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