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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Josiah's Great Blog

We're in DC right now. And in DC, there the only Deaf college in America (I think.) and its called Gallaudet University. And this is my Astros hat from last year. Its not the logo that the Washington Nationals have.
This is my Mom. She was the one typing like I'm gonna tell you about more deep down in the blog. Hi. This is my mom's Martha's Vineyard bag. And right before this, is my mom. And we went to Martha's Vineyard, of COURSE! And my mom also got t-shirts, and got one for my sister Shayna. And more down in the blog... the Mariners shirt? It isn't really JJ Putz' shirt. It's actually my sister's shirt, Shayna.
Hi. This is my race car pillow. I got it this year in Kindegarten.

This is my dorm level's TV.
And by the side, there's also a water fountain, or whatever its called!
Look at this picture! Isn't is a good one? Look at the next one! Its the same hat. And its mine. Its a Red Sox hat. I got it after the tour, before the Red Sox game. Well, my mom bought it for me. And that's the person that's typing for me.

This is the back of the hat.
I got THIS DURING like once I got in the Stadium, its called Fenway Park. Its the Red Sox stadium. And there's a green monster, which is really the left field wall. And its very tall. And on the other side of the green monster, in right field, there's a RED SEAT! And (who's the guy that hit the ball? No, who got hit?) And someone, a Yankee fan, got hit with the ball by Ted Williams. He's a Red Sock. The Red Sox and the Yankees are supposed to be enemies.
This is mostly Bloodhounds, Inc. books and some others.

This is Gallaudet University. Right outside of my (Gallaudets) dorm.
Hi. This is a American flag with LOTS of baseball hats. The one I really don't like is the Yankees hat, its right there, by the Mets and the Boston hat.
Hi. This is JJ Puts here. This is my Mariners baseball shirt.

This is my dugout club stuff. I got it from Chick-fil-A. And at the baseball game, it was Orioles to the Royals. And I got magazines, and a couple baseball cards.

HI. This is my brother's Boston Red Sox hat. On the next picture, you'll see something like that little white and red thing on the side.
This is the thing that I was talking about!! It's a Japanese flag. And the next picture, it will be something on the back. It says Matsuzaka. This is the same hat! That was my brothers! We bought is at a Red Sox game, before the game there was a tour, and we were a little early so we bought this hat. And it had the Red Sox on it, and it had the Matsuzaka on it, and the Japanese flag on it. We didn't just sew that on.

This is baby Mickey, Coco, and his twin Coco.
Let's Go Orioles!!!
Let's Go Pirates!
This is Gallaudet Cafeteria.
This is the dorm floor's Gallaudet video phone.
Bye Bye! Stay tuned for more adventures with the Kalers!

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