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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Farm Life

Every morning we got up and had a wonderful farm fresh breakfast, and then got to go feed the animals. And during the time we were feeding the animals, we got a pony ride!
Notice the electric wires behind the photo. The farm we stayed at was not Amish, it was owned and run by a wonderfully humble and friendly family (that used plenty of AC). Besides having the farm and B&B, the gentlemen is a history teacher at the local school in Manheim. Lancaster County is a mix of Amish farms and communities, Mennonite, Plain People and Englishers. It was very quiet and relaxing!!
The kids favorite animals were the twin baby goats!! "THey aren't very twins because one has the flaps, and thats the girl" (Josiah).

The kids spent every free moment with those babes...It wasn't until nearly the end when Shayna was put off by the goat licking his own poop. "Gross!!" (but its ok goaties we still love you)

We highly , highly recommend a weekend getaway out here if you ever can. We have more stories for later but now mommy has to go to class!!

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