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Sunday, July 6, 2008

J.J.'s Baseball blog

This was at the beach I dove to catch the ball and I caught it.

It was a REALLY good catch.
You'll see similar good catches like this one as you read the blog.

''oomf!" (Is the ball still in there? oh, good!)

This is me, ready to go to baseball camp [as always]. I'm gonna meet Cal Ripken and his brother, Bill at the camp. Cal, Bill and Cal Ripken Senior all played on the same team, the Orioles. Ripken Sr. is the coach and Bill and Cal played. I don't know where Bill played but Cal played shortstop and third base.

This was in one of my baseball games back in Seattle last year. I still have the hat that's in that picture.

here is one of the picture's I was talking about in the beginning of the blog. It was fun to play catch!

Here's another one,I barely held on to the ball but the good thing is I still cought it.

''I'm gonna catch the ball and i'm gonna get you''

"Mom!! Catch!!"

Now I have to go pack for camp. See you later!!

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