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Thursday, June 21, 2007


Thursday night... Rapid City, SD

Pah!! Sonics burgers, swimming and mattresses have never felt so good! We made it to Rushmore with 4/5 happy campers... S is grieving her lost crock (you know those trendy shoes? I’ll have to honor its memory with the story of its demise....)

So we’re coming out of Cody and there’s road work... the line up, stop your car, its gonna be at least 10 minutes kind of road work. So we decided to jump out and get a little exercise... jumping jacks and sprints along side the road... (I asked all the RV’ers lined up if they wanted to join, but they declined!) and sure enough as we are sprinting down away from our car, the worker gives us a grin and says “I see my car coming now!” So we turn around and run back up to the van, where Greg is patiently waiting in the driver seat. He jumps out, opens all the doors, and kids start piling in, boys diving to the back seat... and the line starts moving. We thought we were all in but the boys go “Daddy! the door is open!!” and turns out he started driving down the highway with the left sliding door wide open. So we quickly remedy the situation and mosey on.... only to find out somewhere shy of South Dakota that we only have one crock. We can only guess it went overboard back near Cody... and Shayna has been depressed ever since. Until the Sonics and swimming pool that is!!

Rushmore today marks the beginning of American government learning for our family. test: who are the four presidents on the faces of Mt. Rushmore? I’ll give you hints: the initials are GW, TJ, TR, and AL. If you know them you learned just as much as we did today! We’ll be learning much more of that in DC, for sure.

Tmw the goal is many miles thru Minesota and on to our friends in Michigan, either late Friday or Saturday am. It is an amazing trip, thanks for all the prayers!! nitey nite

PS, I am having a hard time loading the pictures, but the pool is calling my name. I’ll get Greg’s help and come back and edit later!! This is so fun!!

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jolisae said...

Ohhhh...Gabi, Kira and I are grieving the loss of Shayna's Croc! We feel her pain! I'm glad you're getting a real nights rest at a motel tonight. Thank you for my daily American history lesson! I could only remember 3 out of the 4 presidents on Mt. Rushmore. Keep traveling safely (and try to have all the doors closed when the vehicle is in motion, if only for the sake of losing more fashionable footwear!) JoLisa