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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Packing!! and figuring out how to Blog!

This is a picture of water drops. I am fascinated with my camera's ability to freeze time. I promise to have much more interesting and applicable pictures once we hit the road!!

ok, if we can ever get our laundry done, we will be packed. 2 days until take off!!


Peggy said...

Way-ta-go Cheryl! Have a great summer and I hope to peek in on you from time to time.
What a beautiful family! See ya in the funny papers.
Love ya, Peggy

kJ said...

God is great all the time and all the time God is great. Don't forget us and how much we all love and miss you and are excited about your new adventure.

I will be praying for you physically and mentally. You Go Girl.

FROG: fully rely on God.!!!!

God Bless you and your family


Peggy said...

I'm sorry about the crock but it made a great story! This will be a looking back that is different for every one. Thanks so much for sharing! I Love it!