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Saturday, June 30, 2007

New York, New York!

Welcome to New York

Hello, internet!! We are here basking in the lovely back yard of our dear friends (by acquaintance, Thanks S and A!!) apartment in Manhattan, relaxing after a full day of seeing the sights. Here are the kids own words of their thoughts of the Big City:

(singing at the top of his lungs, banging a plastic seltzer water bottle on the stepping stone like a drum.)

"When you go to New York, you're supposed to have fun in New York! New York is the Biggest of all, maybe not, when you get here you to look up at the skyscrapers, in the sky you might see some birds... pretty ones... and when you go on the ferry, you might see some little baby jellyfish... and you'll like all the stuff you'll see in New York... it'll be really fun!! New york is the biggest city.... and when you see the flowers, it will look pretty.... and now the day is over, and we just go to bed! There! Now you owe me money!!"

(speaking like a reporter.)

New York is BIG!! It's fun too! We got Yankee's hats today, but dad didn't. He doesn't like the Yankees. I tried to talk him into it, though. I said "Alex Rodriguez used to play on the Mariners, that's why I got the Yankees hat!" We tried to watch the Yankees game but we were too late, it had already finished. We went to Ellis Island and we got to see the Statue of Liberty.

I think New York is the biggest city I've ever been in. We went to Ellis Island and saw the statue of Liberty, but we didn't climb up into the statue part. At Ellis Island we got an audio tour, and I got a New York shirt, and mommy got the same one except for bigger. I also got a little keychain thing, sorta like a lucky penny one, it has a little cube inside it with the empire state building, a car, statue of Liberty and an apple. I got a white Yankees hat with a blue symbol-ma-thing. I'm really exited to go the American Girl place tomorrow, mom says Lissie is gonna get an "I heart NY" shirt, she doesn't know if I'm gonna get one. We're in a private garden in this apartment we're staying in, she has a really big apartment with a basement, she has a tree with little pink fluffy things, there is a bush with purple flowers on it, there are sirens blaring out on the street, there's a white hydrangea bush and stepping stones going across a part of the garden area. there's a half circle with white rocks on it, and on the other side there is a cement place with a table and chairs also an umbrella. What I like most about New York so far today was....I don't know!! I liked all of it!!

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Anonymous said...

wow! what adventures you are all having. ...a truly memorable time. love to hear of your contact with the dancer/choreographer! let's get her out to madrona. good luck with the studies. it's just starting to warm up here...maybe 70. that probably seems downright chilly to you now, eh? love to all. dana