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Galatians 5:1

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Day 3- South Dakota

Good morning, glory!! Today we awake in the comfort of the hotel room... S is being our alarm clock at 7:30 am, saying "Shouldn't we go eat, and hit the road?" but Jo responds "I ... think... I.... need.... more...... REST!" We had a good breakfast and trudged thru the long, grainy state of South Dakota.

Our highlights of the state were the very friendly people, their very creative use of corn (We did stop at Corn Palace and where Cheryl finally got the chance to shop...) and enjoying the 84 degree weather. Our quote of the day is from S: "Mom... these people here dress like its cold outside!!"

Today also marks a slight change for me, shifting from learning about the land to learning more about the people of our country. I also got serious with my reading (classes do start monday!) and I'm very excited to be back in school.

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April said...

Cheryl-I am excited for you! You have the spirit of a learner. You seem hungry for it. I am glad you have had the chance to read. I can't wait to hear about your classes once they start. April and Tyson