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Thursday, June 21, 2007


<Check out Jo practicing his communication for DC!!!

6-20, Wednesday night....

Yellowstone is so worth the extra time!! We arrived at about 4pm and had plenty of warmth and sunshine to enter in the west side and drive around, exiting the east. We decided not to camp, as we piddled around with the buffalo until dark. We loved the “mud paint” and the close ups of animals, relaxed in their own habitat. And the buffalo crossing!! We checked out old faithful and enjoyed a dusk improptu dinner by Yellowstone lake- so peaceful and so QUIET!! By this time we’re all so cozy in the car, we decided to just drive until we dropped. Actually, we were headed for a rest stop outside of Yellowstone, but never seemed to find one. We came to the big little town Cody, (named after Buffalo Bill) and decided to camp out with the RV’s in the Walmart parking lot. It sure saved us setting up all our gear and look at that!! we can shop for sunglasses before breakfast!!
"Are they twins??!!">

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Peggy said...

I love the picture of the lady bug. What camera is that, I want one!!!
The tractor train is fantastic. You are having fun, I can see it in your photos.
See ya soon.