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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Day 3- Minnesota

The prairie driving is actually quite beautiful!! Though we were quite happy to be out of South Dakota and see this sign. Jo was sound asleep, he missed out on the photo opp!

Cheryl's shots of the "Little Bug on the Prairie" (right next to where Laura Ingalls Wilder lived)

We ended up our long driving day with a "we're almost camping but not really" cook out at a rest stop. The mosquitoes were so annoying it was almost like having skeeter cakes in our spaghetti. Here are the kids at our Minnesota rest stop, playing "Skeeter free ship" (no mosquitos aloud)

(Good thing Greg brought the bug repellant!! We're outa here!!)

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Lisa said...

I feel your pain with those pesky mosquitos, they bring back horrible memories from Michigan. Have you seen those beautiful lightning bugs? They are fun to chase and try to catch. Thank goodness for our state of Washington in which we don't have to deal with those bugs, flies, and mosquitos(much less anyway). Stay bug free. Lisa