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Saturday, June 30, 2007

More from NY!

Here are some more pics from New York... you might have a special attraction to a few of these, we took them with you in mind! And if you haven't figured out yet, for some reason when we post our stuff to the blog the pictures get re-alligned. We're not doing crazy typing stuff on purpose.

As for Greg and Cheryl's moments in New York... Cheryl's favorite is ordering small cheese pizza in Little Italy and the owner calling back to the cook "She want small-plain-pie!"

Greg has enjoyed learning about Ellis Island and the Off-the-freeway, into-the-water driving range.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cheryl and gang!!! What an AMAZING opportunity for you all!!! The pictures are wonderful and I had to adjust the contrast in my monitor cause the smiles on everyone's faces are SO bright!!! Good luck to you in your classes. Exercising that brain muscle to do all of that reading and paper writing can be loads of FUN. We will be praying for safe travels for you all and for memories to be cherished for all of your lifetimes...

Love you guys!!
Laura & Patty