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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Take off!!

Well, we did it!! Cleaned the house, closed the door and loaded up the car. It was 12:45am by the time we hit the road, and you know how you always forget that one important thing? For us it was... the maps. Lucky we were still in the driveway when we realized it!!
So after we got some milk for our dippers (thanks Karen!!) we flew by Seattle’s lovely night sky in a blur and hit I-90!! We took a three hour nap at a rest stop and woke up to a warm sunrise just outside of Spokane. The Idaho pan handle was quick and beautiful, and holy cow... Montana is amazing!!.

The mountains and clear blue sky, accompanied by stoic white marshmellow clouds, the rocks, the trees... took my breath away. I was in road trip bliss right about the time we hear the “I’m sick” from the back of the car....
So there goes another half hour to clean up the mess, bless S's heart. She’s actually been sick twice already... These long winding Montana roads are amazing, but tough on our girl!! Anybody have a cure all, remedy, advice? Send it our way, it’s only day one.
Greg is becoming a better interpreter. He is learning that “I’m sick” and “I think I have to go potty” and “oh look that would make a good picture” all translate into “quickly stop the car!!” We’ll get there eventually!!
We took a moment and opened our gifts from the Christensons (thanks guys! way cool!) and we quickly got into the state trivia game, for about an hour. It soon transformed into a “who’s that Mariner” game, comperable to KOMO....
We’re now headed on the road to Yellowstone. We just passed some gazelle (?) running along side the road. The towns are cute and very Montana!! It got up to 84, now starting to cool off, there are dark clouds hanging over some mountains but blue sky on the other side. Greg admits that this is the most beautiful country he’s ever seen. Rivers, mountains, lush fields... I better stop typing so I can enjoy it!! I’ll upload at the next wi-fi hotspot (do you know all rest stops have this now?) 71 miles to Yellowstone. Cheers!!


gkaler said...

Pix look great from here in the lobby! Good job wifey!


jolisae said...

This is so fun! I'm glad you liked Montana. I miss it so much. It really is "Big Sky Country" and I miss my wide open spaces! By the way, those are antelope not gazelle! (But good guess!) Keep on truckin' Kalers! JoLisa