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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Day 2


6-21, Thursday morning..... so after two nights of sleeping in the car, first thing we did was call ahead for a hotel!! Goal is Mt. Rushmore and then a little leisure. We are all feeling still quite happy but grungie... you know it must be bad when your kids actually start begging for a bath!

We are driving thru Wyoming now.... what a perfect cowboy state!! Ranches and horses are everywhere, log homes like they’re supposed to be here instead of copies we see on the west coast. We drove through one town where two little girls about the boys age were riding bareback to the general store... unaccompanied and enjoying the ride. Popualtion? 50. (That’s the size of the kids' class at Madrona!)!! I am serious. Population of the town is 50.

I wish I could stop and take pictures of everylittle REAL cowboy moment I witness out here... more gazelle staring at us from the fields, crazy woman saloon.... but Greg is driving by in a blaze of glory. I had to pull the bathroom card just to get him to pull over and check out these waterfalls. This is in the Bighorn Mountains... which are suprisingly beautiful with the red rock (reminding us of southern Utah with Marilyn and Trishie!!) and the amazing geological representation of time zones and how the earth changes... man, there is no end to the fascination and the things you could study out here. The waterfalls were amazing and powerful, and of course I have my fascination with water. Here the water essentially cut through these mountains and carved a beautiful canyon. (and, lucky for me, they put up a bathroom.)

So far, so good! We are into South Dakota now and coming up on Rushmore. Outside of the Rocky mountains, Wyoming has been fairly flat and uneventful, but the kids are all doing fine, here’s my proof!!

When we meet up with civilization again I will surely upload!! A oh, its raining on the road to Rushmore. Who cares! Hotel, coming soon. Love ya!!


April said...

Hi Kalers!
I am enjoying your blog tremendously. I love your spirit of adventure. What a gift you are giving to your children to travel across the country. Thanks for letting us tag along through your blog. We love you, April and Tyson

Lisa said...

Love your adventerous stories! Looks like the kids had a blast being pulled behind the riding lawn mower. Those things are a great vehicle. They do more than just cut grass; I learned to drive and back up through orange cones on one of those. Smile! This adventure will be remembered forever by your family. Take care all, Lisa