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Sunday, July 19, 2009

DC fountains

So say you want to come visit us in DC, and say its starting to get really hot (like last week.) Well we figured out the best way to walk around and see the sights in the heat.
First of all, you stop at a fountain and think about splashing your friends.
Then you let mom carry around a really big Sweet Tea, and drink some of it (even if its gross).

And then you stop at the next fountain (in front of the capital) and throw in some coins. And then, you splash your friends.

Then you go to the reflecting pool and decide to see how deep it is. And you splash your mom.

And then , you really don't care about anything except the next fountain. (This one is across from the National Archives building). Finally, you go inside the Natural History museum in the AC!! And take the metro home.
Thanks for visiting Katja! Say hi to Seattle for us!!! -Cheryl and Shayna

1 comment:

Alexis said...

i like fountains-sadly not too many in seattle...exep for the one in the seattle center...-alexis