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Saturday, July 18, 2009

More ducklings!!

The duckling population has increased! 4 more ducklings have appeared, and joined the 8 other fuzzy occupants of the pool. The mother is very protective of her babies, and chases away any others that come too close. Fortunately, we have our camera back, so you can actually see their fuzzy cuteness! We hope you enjoy these pictures!! ~Shayna

1 comment:

Beth Chung said...

Hi Shayna!

BEST pictures of those so darling ducklings especially the close up poses, you're so good at captivating them perfectly, that was so amazing and it sure melted my heart away with awwww's!!

Thanks, Shayna for sharing! I hope you are having such so much fun and be sure to share MORE, looking forward to your 'stories'!!

Give our hugs to your family!