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Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Ripken

(Josiah) That's me on the slip and slide. It was fun and I did it for like an hour. We got to do this for fun on the last day of camp. The other video is me doing quick bat with coach Tre. I was pretty good at this drill. I got third place for my group in this drill. I liked it a lot.

(From JJ) Every afternoon we played a game. On the top i'm just striking out on a 3 and 2 count. Notice where the pitch is when I swing at it. The next video I'm coming back into the dugout and Cal says "Good job. Nobody likes to walk. I'm glad you swung at that."

In the video above I hit a blooper in between the pitcher and short stop. The short stop makes a good barehanded play and throws me out at first.

In this video the batter hits it right back to me and I get the out after I bobble it a little. Dad didn't do a very good job of filming. Sorry.

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Adam said...

Very cool. I'm taking Corbin to his first Mariner's game today. He'll be the one decked out in the tiger's outfit.