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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gallaudet fun

So what, praytell, do the Kaler kids do all day while Mommy is away at class?

They confiscate class teambuilding materials, create a little tinfoil ball, and see what they can come up with....
They figure in a little gravity and rethink their engineering....

And they get that little tinfoil ball to come all the way down the stairs to plop in a cup of water!
Then, if we need a little more excitement....
...we go outside and visit the 8 new baby ducks that live right outside our dorm. Aren't they CUTE??!!
Gallaudet is cool.
(this photo was taken our first summer here, 2007. My how they've grown!)
Thank you to the Gallaudet staff for the project material and the inspiration...
to Wendy Schlitz for the project photos...
and to all the community here who embrace my children
and make this a great summer home!
We are grateful!

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