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Galatians 5:1

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Williamsburg, VA

Welcome to Colonial Williamsburg, friends!! We have come here to spend the 4th of July weekend, celebrating our nations independence. What a better way than to go live and breathe like the colonists of Virginia back in the 1700's?

First of all, we got to experience the architecture.
They used a lot of brick (we learned how they made those too) and had beautiful gardens.
We got to visit original buildings, see how tradesmen worked, hear the reading of the Declaration of Independence, and check out Lord Dunsmore's palace!
But we probably had the most fun visiting the jail. This is where they held the pirate Blackbeard and this is where he pooped.
(they used gravity and called it the throne.) The hoosgow is very comfortable, considering the other options......

We'll show you more from Williamsburg soon. Mommy's done with a full week of school (so far, so good! Huzzah!!) but she does hog the computer. Nitey nite!!

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