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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More on Marble

We all got a chance to ride Marble out at the farm. What a patient and beautiful horse!!
Ok, so I really did this second blog so I could upload more videos. It might be overkill unless you are my mom (or really quite bored at work)...! I tried to enlarge Shayna and she became all digital, but I wanted to show you her posting, and then Josiah's soon after that (trying to post all on his own. Nobody taught him that!) Then Shayna got in her first jump, quite accidentally, and then got in some good cantering. Enjoy!!

Thank you friends!!


Anonymous said...

it was fun!!!! we did more fun stuff, but, we dont got videos. like the trail ride, when mom rode into the tree. ~Shayna

Alexis said...

i guess that you found a place to horse back ride?!