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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

That's my girl

Here's me and Shayna, before her surgery on Saturday. It's now- what, Tuesday? She's getting her color back and also her cheer, but we are both good and ready to be out of the hospital. At first, we thought the electronic beds were cool. Now, I'm dreaming of sleep numbers...

It's been an excrutiating experience watching my first child go through surgery and wait out this time in the hospital. Though appendectimies (sp?) are quite common and occur in 5% of the population, all ages- it was far from common to have a Kaler grace the doorstep of an ER. Shayna has not been to a hospital since her birth, and the only other times for the family have been for a few minor scrapes with Josiah. We have been blessed in that respect.

But enough is enough. The staff's accents are sounding normal and JJ is starting to say Yes, Ma'am. I think its time we take my baby out under the Carolina blue sky, what do you think??! I thank everyone for rallying around us, the support and prayers have been well felt. Shayna had her toughest day yesterday, not able to cough, and she was in tears all afternoon. Today she is much better. Perhaps she will feel up to telling her own story soon!

My next blog will be of the scenery and fun we did have around here... it hasn't been all bad!! Life on the road must go on, and I think I have a comp exam calling my name. (My professors have been very understanding, by the way!) Meanwhile the fever is staying under 100 and a good nationwide rally might get us outa here today. Goooooooo team!!!

HUGS -Cheryl

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy Shayna is doing better. I understand what its like having a child in hospital - Alex had his tonsils out when he was 5 but he didn't have to stay over nite - that's really hard. Give Shayna a hug from me and a high five.
Love ya,