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Friday, July 31, 2009


My hospital experience.......

This is me , right before my surgery. I got to wear a poofy hat, and get pushed around in a bed and a wheelchair. the hospital people put a "IV" thingamajiggle in my arm that pumped fluids into me.
The room that I was in had seagulls painted on the wall, thats kinda why I am calling this blog that. I couldnt figure out what else to call it.

This is the IV.

The now appendix-less Shayna (me!!), Sargent Waddles, JJ, and Josiah in the hospital.

These are the breather balls that I had to breathe in to help me not get pnemonia. On the first day I only got the first one to go up a little bit! Now I can get all three of them up very fast.

Daddy, JJ and Josiah went to a little store and found me an awesome stuffed animal COW!!!!!!! And they brought me shells and white cheddar.

Whoopie doo!! I'm free!! I got to keep a lot of hospital stuff, including Carolina blue socks, a giant water bottle, and the breather balls. And now, I'm off to see some real seagulls!! ~Shayna


Bronwyn said...

Yeah Shayna!!! We're so happy you are on the mend. You are a trooper and we were praying for your fast recovery. This will certainly be another story to include with your adventures! We love you!

Iff-Mo Wapshaw said...

Hey Shayna...It's your Wapshaw family from the good 'ole west coast! We're glad to hear that you are doing well. It's been a delight following you and the fam on your journey. We look forward to hearing about your next great adventure! xoxo

Beth Chung said...

Yay, God..He has been truly taken care of you so well, very happy to know you're bouncing back nicely each day! Looking forward to your blogs more with all SMILES!