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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ripken Camp

First of all, we had first rate accomodations for the week. Winnie on a branch of the Chesapeake Bay. Sorry Gran, I told you wrong. It was not the Susquhana River.This was the view from Winnie. Our map is starting to fill up. We were able to add Maryland and Delaware on this trip. We went to a minor league game one night in Delaware.

We'll start with Josiah's week of camp. He loved the camp, got Cal's autograph and got better at all the skills. Especially hitting! Here he is ripping one during batting practice. They used the jugs lite flight balls.

Game time for Jo (below).Josiah's Team. The kid right behind Josiah is the son of Sean Casey. A former Major Leaguer. He was a very nice guy. His son could really play too.
Josiah doing his pre-swing routine. Pretty cute. Should have video taped it for you all but didn't think of it.
Josiah in the Home Run Derby.
Josiah got to do the "Rookie Camp" like JJ did last summer. This year JJ got to go with the big boys.
JJ's Camp
One of the things that makes this camp unique is the opportunity to get instruction from a Hall of Fame player. Cal is very gracious with his time, energy and funds. The facility is amazing and he gives a lot of his time and energy to the kids. JJ is somewhere in this group. This group is some of the players that consider middle infield their primary position. So JJ traveled with this group which includes teenagers to morning stations. Many of the teens were impressed with JJ! Below is Bob. He is pretty tough and knows how to take one for the team. In this drill players try to hit Bob. Pretty fun. JJ got to play Short Stop the first inning of the first game. They got to play their first game on Cal Seniors Yard. It's a big Little League aged park.
JJ pitched a perfect inning at Wrigley on Wednesday. Notice the ivey on the outfield fence? (Above) This was the most action JJ got all week in the games. In the 4 games JJ only got 4 fielding opportunities. The ball just did not find him. Baseball is funny like that.

Glove side relay drill, JJ is in the middle.
Cal and Cal above. The boy on the left was named after Cal Ripken. JJ is out there at Short Stop again. I tried to get a good action shot but couldn't time it right.

Below: JJ is batting with Cal looking on.

Cal really wanted the kids to learn the crossover step and JJ is always willing to demonstrate. (Above)

JJ did the crossover drill over and over again and never made a mistake. At one point Cal pointed to him and said something to the guy in blue. The next time JJ came through and made the play again, Cal called him over and talked to him (above) and told him he had a good crossover step. He also asked JJ his name and age and said good job! Sorry the shot isn't any closer. Didn't have time to zoom in.
Below is a some video of JJ hitting.

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