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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blue Ridge Parkway

Greetings!! This weekend we took a drive out to the Blue Ridge Parkway... its a little scenic route that connects the Smokey Mountain National Park in Tennessee, to the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. We caught up with the route at the North Carolina border and headed north.
Craziness, right when we turned on the parkway, we came into thick fog and could hardly see cars coming at us. I was a little bummed, thinking the whole drive would be that way!! But then we got out and walked around a bit. Thick fog like that is amazing... its so quiet, and still...

(Bye the way, Hi Sara! look we took you with us!)

Right after I resolved that the fog was cool, a little further up the road it cleared up. Praise the Lord!
We stopped at this historical spot called Mabry Mill. It was an old fashioned water powered mill, used back before everything went electric. The kids were entrhalled with the water troughs, the mechanics of the wheel, and the plum old fashionedness of it. "They don't even makem like this anymore...."

You could walk in and talk to any of the historical representatives, (and try not to be totally distracted by their accent.) JJ asked all kinds of questions figuring out how the mill works, and I think he even understood them. I was in pure bliss, I felt like I was in the middle of a movie... the whole day was amazing!! Later that evening, we found another little stop called the Natural Bridge, and then camped out in the Shenandoah National park. So just wait, there's more!! -Hugs


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESSSSSS.!!!! I WANT TO BE THERE WITH YOU ..you have to send me a disk with all these on it okay? Can yu believe i have not taken any fall pics yet..i have no camera my 35 is broke and its the first time in 12 years i have not done a photo shoot of the kids..trying not to be depressed i decided it is my life likes its never been before..so i will scrap your pics in my fall album..LIVE THRU MY FRIENDS EYES... (: so as you take more think of me in a whole new perspective...k? tina

Anonymous said...

okAy i counted from top to bottom.. i love #3,4,9 11 17 and 18. My most favorite is 4..LOVE THE FENCE. IT MADE ME WANT TO BE THERE BADLY WITH YOU...TINA

Adam said...

I love the Blue ridge parkway. Beautiful pictures. Keep 'em coming.

Jenny said...

Beautiful pictures!!! I love fall pictures and these are pretty amazing!!! I would love to experience fall in New England!!