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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Yorktown, VA

Last week we ventured out to Yorktown, which is where one of the last major battles of the Revolutionary War took place. What an incredible way to experience history, actually out on the battle field!! This is where the American and French armies under Washington and LaFayette snuck up and cornered Cornwallis.

This battle was mainly an aritilery battle, and very strategic. The turning point was when the Rhode Island (African American) regiment took "redoubt 10", on a surprise attack that took less than 10 minutes.

The battle went on for 10 days. Redoubt 10 is where Washington then hung out until he got word that Cornwallis was ready to surrender. Then they made England surrender "without honors", a very big deal in the day (and hasn't happened to England since.)
It was another two years before the Treaty of Paris, when Britain declared the states sovereign and the US had its initial borders defined. This is the monument that was erected after the treaty was signed.This battle actually took place in October... so if you'd like to imagine, the field might have looked a lot like this:

(except without the trees, those were planted by the National Park service.)
P.S. Many of you have been asking how Shayna is doing after her surgery. She is doing great!! She is very active outdoors, biking, fishing, discovering. Her appetite and her smile are bigger than ever. We think sabbatical agrees with her, jsut look up to the picture up top and see how much she has grown!! Hugs....

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