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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Natural Bridge

Our next little stop along the highway was at the "Natural Bridge." It is a limestone rock formation that rests above more caves like the ones we saw in Pennsylvania. Apparently it was once part of the caves, then part of it collapsed, then Cedar Creek made its way through and now rests as this natural bridge/limestone river bed. They say its stronger than any man made creation, by far, and it is 155 feet tall (50 feet higher than Niagara.) A freeway runs over the top of it, but you can't hear or see it from below. Check it out!
It was originally surveyed by George Washington back when he was a land surveyer, he carved his initials half way up (bad boy). Then the land was purchased by Thomas Jefferson, and it is supposedly still run by his descendants. The park has the bridge, caves, an Indian village, and a hike back to a waterfall.

At night they showed a dramatization (with lights, music, and reading) of the 7 days of creation, the lights went right up and around the natural bridge and a booming voice with orchestral music came down from above. It was a very unique outdoor theater experience. We were a little surprised that they had a nightly biblical show, so we ventured to ask the family in front of us if this kind of thing was more common out here. They replied, "well you do know where you are, doncha? Right in the buckle of the bible belt!"

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