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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Delaware! by Josiah and Greeney Guy

This is Greeney Guy, with ME! Our trip started in California and then we drove home to Washington state, then we journeyed all the way to Washington DC, and then we stayed there for the summer, then we went up and toured the New England States and Canada, and then we came back down to Delaware!!
Greeney Guy is our reporter for Delaware... "The first state." There are lots of signs here with a guy on a horse, just like the state quarter!! we thought, well this shall be our mystery to solve. Who is this horse riding man?

Later we found out that the horse riding man was Caesar Rodney. He rode "post haste" to Philidelphia, 42 miles through a thunderstorm with skin cancer. That was when they were voting for Independence, and the Delaware vote was tied. Caesar Rodney had to give his tie breaking vote!! It was on July 2, 1776. With his vote, the Declaration of Independence was approved!
We also learned that Delaware was first settled by Dutch, Swedish and Finnish people back in 1630's. The state is named after the Governor of Virginia, Lord De La War. We went to visit the state capital in Dover. Much to our surprise, we found three ambitious children running the Senate!!

Led by none other than....
Governor Puffkins.

He showed us the Great Seal of Delaware, and answered Greeney Guy's question:
How did Delaware become the first state?
"Delaware only has 3 counties so it was easy to gather up all their county people. And Delaware is really close to Philadelphia. So they didn't have to ride so far. That's how they were able to be the first state to ratify the constitution. They became the First State on 12-7-1787."
This is the old State House.

This is us in Dover! The capital city of Delaware!
Good job Puffkins!!
And thank you, Greeney Guy!
And here are some more facts about Delaware:
State flower: Peach Blossom
Tree: American Holly
State bird: Blue Hen Chicken.
Delaware used to be a part of Pennsylvania, until they hired Jeremiah Dixon and Charles Mason to figure out the borders.
It's the second smallest state in the Union.
The area is 2057 square miles.
Population: 669,000
There is one town in Delaware AND Maryland, called Delmar. It's nick name is "the little town too big for one state."
Delaware is one of my favorite states!
Here's a joke. What did Della wear? A New Jersey!
(Delaware and New Jersey are really close, separated by the Delaware river.)
See ya later!
~from Jo and little GG

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Uncle Ronnie said...

Hey Josiah - That was a really good State Report! And that's coming from a teacher who has graded many state reports in his career! I really liked how you asked and answered good questions, and had pictures to add to the report. Maybe it was just a blog entry, but to me, I learned a lot about Delaware from your pictures and words, so thank you for making me smarter. You must be learning so much about America and how it became such a great country!
I love you and miss you. -Uncle Ronnie