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Friday, October 2, 2009

Cooperstown Hall of Fame, by JJ

The Cooperstown Hall of Fame was really cool. This picture shows us right outside the double doors. It was fall, most of the leaves were falling or on the ground. Mom left to go walk around and gave me the camera.This is the scoreboard outside the museum. It showed all the standings for the American league (all the wins and losses). We were there the day after New York beat Boston and clinched the American League East Division. Boston might not make it into the playoffs, but they have a slight chance of getting the wild card.This is the guy who made room for Jackie Robinson to go on the Dodgers. We did a scavenger hunt (see the little pieces of paper) where we had to go around the museum and find the answers to questions. My favorite question was a math one, where we had to figure out how many more RBI's Hank Aaron had than Willie Mays.This is the World Champion Trophy, when the Yankees played the Orioles in 2000. The thing was huge! About as tall as my leg.
Edgar Martinez was the only Mariner that we saw. Ichiro and Ken Griffey have some current records but you have to be five years retired before you get in the hall of fame.

My favorite part of the museum was the plaque hall. It was about 1500 feet (almost the size of our house in Washington!) I liked it because when I read about a hall of famer in a book, I usually see him holding the plaque for a picture. So I was excited to see these when I came here. These are the ones that really stood out to me: Willie Stargel, Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Jackie Robinson and Cal Ripken.

Josiah took a picture of me with Cal Ripken's plaque. I went to Cal's camp this summer and got his signature. It was really cool. I keep the ball in a glass case on my bed. I like him a lot, he's a nice person.

The Hall of Fame was awesome, and for the scavenger hunt we won a free pack of Hall of Fame baseball cards. All is well!! -JJ

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Uncle Ronnie said...

Wow! You are pretty lucky that you got to see the Baseball Hall of Fame! Not every baseball fan gets to go to Cooperstown! And this blog entry gives people a chance to learn what it felt like for you, a rising baseball player, to experience it first hand. This was the first blog entry that I read by you, JJ, and what a cool one to read. I am proud of you for how much you love and work hard at baseball, and for how well you gave your first Cooperstown Hall of Fame report. Good job, Buddy. Keep the info coming for the people stuck on the West Coast. We appreciate it!
Love, Uncle Ronnie