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Friday, October 2, 2009

Cooperstown, NY

Oh, what a blissful little town. We came here for baseball but mom was pleasantly surprised by the fall folliage and the cute little town that screamed "forget baseball!! Come shopping!! Forget about not having any money, just pretend!"

And so I did, I had a lovely time in this little town that sits on Lake Ostego, aka Glimmerlass... I learned the geogprahpy of the area, some history, and shopped in more baseball shops than I ever dreamed were possible. I came out with 29 cent Boston Red Sox pez containers for the kids, let me tell you, I do know how to find a deal. Meanwhile... the boys went off for their own adventure in the baseball hall of fame... JJ was so excited he designated himself the photographer and I will let him do the honors with the next blog.


AcquaMarina said...

Salve sono Josue’ Marcio de Oliveira
tagliatore di diamanti e pietre preziose.
Your blog is very amazing!!

Anonymous said...

I love the leaf pictures...please take more...your in the most wonderful place to experience them and you have to do it for me...please. You cant leave for florida until fall is over..okay?? (: tina